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About the Diversity Effort

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  Women’s’ Emerging Leadership Education and Development
The Women’s’ Emerging Leadership Education and Development (WE LEAD) Institute will assist underrepresented young women in exploring career possibilities, networking, and developing self-esteem. The program is based on a pressing and timely message: The world needs more women in professional and leadership roles. By attending this interactive program, young women will gain confidence and insight regarding their personal and academic endeavors while exploring academic and career opportunities. Relative to their higher income peers, first generation, ethnic and racially diverse students are less likely to attend colleges and universities. Young women are especially vulnerable and would greatly benefit from exploring career and educational opportunities. WE LEAD addresses this educational achievement gap and barriers to attaining viable careers by connecting underrepresented high school age women from Alliance High Schools with CSU employees to talk about successful career and educational pathways and strategies. They emphasized the need for developing self-confidence to foster personal growth among young women. Young women themselves express the desire to explore career and educational pathways and strategies that can make them successful in various work arenas and will significantly benefit because of CSU women.
Ethnicity, First Generation Status, Socioeconomic Status
Alliance Program, Dr. Patricia Vigil, The Access Center
Conference/Forum/Symposium, Education/Training, Event, Program, Resources & Services, Mentoring, Outreach/Extension, Speaker/Guest Speaker, Presentation
General/public communities
6/10/2015 to 6/13/2015
Patricia Vigil,, (970) 491-2350
Division of Enrollment and Access
The Access Center

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